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What We Do

Beyond Athletics Chicago is one of the most innovative programs in Chicago that intentionally focuses on personal developmental and mental health awareness as its core values. We aim to positively influence our communities, educational environments, and various neighborhoods that can benefit from our services.


Mental Health

Students take assessments and surveys as they register for Beyond Athletics Chicago. These assessments will track daily habits, goal setting, curriculum mastery and critical thinking abilities. This allows us to accumulate data and track all progress made throughout the program. 

Mental Health Awareness

Personal Development

An ongoing community outreach program that provides a unique learning experience for children and adults in under-resourced communities. Speaking engagements, workshops and seminars will focus on self-education, exposure to career opportunities, entrepreneurship, ownership, community wealth, finances and other positive uplifting topics.

Personal Developmet

Prevention | Reduction | Intervention

Violence is a serious public health problem. From infants to the elderly, it affects people in all stages of life. Many more survive violence and suffer physical, mental, and or emotional health problems throughout the rest of their lives. B.A.C is committed to stopping violence at its root cause by teaching our students proven methods to reduce violence in their neighborhoods.

Violence Prevention | Reduction | Intervention


“You can’t be what you can’t see.”


Each program is built on empowering our young people, meeting them where they are with what they have. Our curriculum consciously enhances their intangible skills such as focus, expands their perception and imagination, and equips them to make decisions confidently. They become competent thinkers, problem-solvers, and masters of resourcefulness.

Unique Experience

Community Engagement

Improving the lives of youth by giving them resources and opportunities that are not available within their communities. Lessons, resources and opportunities that we give our students change the perception that young people have about the world. This allows them to be more confident as they make decisions about their future and pursue their dreams.

Community Engagement

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